About Us

Who We Are

We are real estate professionals with over 30 years of boots-on-the-ground experience. By conducting multiple studies, we’ve uncovered what makes people successful in the real estate industry and turned those insights into strategic coaching and training techniques to redefine your business.

What We Do

Through our comprehensive training, consulting, and speaking services, we provide agents with the five components they need to be successful: knowledge of the industry, sales skills, systems to make it easy, a product strategy for their business, and thought processes that support the structure. Without all five, the business will languish.

Who We Serve

Our services are tailored for:

  • Agents who want off the business roller coaster
  • Professionals who have hit a plateau in their career
  • Real estate agents who want to refine their listing game
  • Agents who need fast, reliable training solutions

Our Expertise

With 30+ years of real estate experience plus an obsession over what makes good agents good, we’ve:

  • Participated in thousands of real estate transactions
  • Worked 1:1 with agents on growing their business
  • Led an international training organization
  • Led an international coaching organization
  • Completed the study “Personality Traits of Highly Succesful Real Estate Agents”
  • Completed the study “How Successful Agents Behave Differently than Failing Agents”
  • Completed “The Great Listing Presentation Project: A Review of the Best 211 Listing Presentations”
  • Published “Pushy: Can I Be A Top Salesperson and Still Keep My Friends” – International Winner in the category of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship.


All of this information is distilled into a framework to accelerate your success.

Meet Your Instructor

Jo Mangum

Jo began her career as a real estate salesperson in Raleigh, North Carolina over 25 years ago. As she developed her skills and became more successful, her peers became curious about Jo’s strategies and asked her for help with their businesses.

Jo discovered that she had a real gift and passion for synthesizing information that helped agents move their business forward. With a focus on real estate professionals, she has dedicated her career to building clear, easy to understand, and actionable courses.

“Winning the honor of Real Estate Educator of the Year was amazing but the most joy comes from seeing the success of agents.”

Jo holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology. She has also distinguished herself as a salesperson by earning her CRS, GRI, CNS, ABR, and SPS designations and has participated in over 1000 transactions.

Jo Mangum

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