CMA Confidence in an Uncertain World

It’s not your fault. There’s a true gap in real estate education. That is the practical teaching of how to prepare and present a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) vs. how we were taught in real estate school (which, looked at critically, is largely about math).

This left you dreading pricing because you lacked confidence. So, you began depending on online pricing models. While these models provide a great service, YOU still must defend the findings. That means you must understand the principles of pricing strategically.

This course is for agents who…

  • Complete CMAs for sellers and buyers.

You will walk away with…

  • How to discover the best comparable (Principle of the Buyer’s Eyes).
  • A complete checklist of steps for completing a strong CMA.
  • CMA myths.
  • The process for testing your CMA.
  • Clarity around making adjustments.

NOTE: This course is approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for 4-hours of elective continuing education.

Take The First Step To Success

All the lessons in CMA Confidence in an Uncertain World are delivered online so that you can watch them on your time schedule and where you are most comfortable.

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