Strategic Pricing Specialist

What would life be like if you were confident with your pricing strategy?

The National Association of REALTORS® and local market statistics have confirmed a long-standing trend: Homes with price reductions take much longer to sell and sell for less. This means…

Wrong Price = Time on the Market

Time on the Market = Less Money in the Seller’s Pocket (And Yours)


Strategic Pricing Specialist—an award-winning program—was created for real estate professionals who have realized that neither the way we were taught to price houses nor the automated programs prepare us for tough pricing conversations.

This course is for agents who…

  • Are frustrated with sellers who never listen to the truth about pricing.
  • Have lost listings to agents because of pricing recommendations.
  • Want to feel confident and strong in their pricing recommendations.
  • Want to make listings a bigger part of their business.

You will walk away with…

  • The four components needed to discover the best price.
  • A process to help the seller look at pricing as a strategic decision.
  • How to build and present a comprehensive market study.
  • How to remove the seller’s objections.

Strategic Pricing Specialist is now a great component of my listing presentation. Working with sellers and helping them understand that pricing is not about what they saw on the Internet but rather a strategy to get the most money in their pocket has changed my business. Now I have the skills.

G. Smith

NOTE: This course is approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for 4-hours of elective continuing education.

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