Unforgettable Client Service

Today, real estate clients have a much higher expectation of service than they ever have before. While most agents believe they provide a high level of service (and many do) the real question is, “Does an agent have a replicable service system that delivers to every client every time?”

How do you provide amazing service that is: 1) Easy for you to execute, 2) Delivered consistently, and 3) Unforgettable? The answer is with a system that works consistently.

The key to that system is the process of mapping. This class investigates what clients want and show you how to create an amazing experience.

This course is for agents who…

  • Are a professional real estate agent.
  • Rely on referrals for business.
  • Want to differentiate themselves on service.

You will walk away with…

  • An actionable client mapping system.
  • Discovering the thoughts of clients in each phase.
  • The four components of exceptional service.

NOTE: This course is approved by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission for 4-hours of elective continuing education.

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