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Our online real estate courses are designed for ambitious agents like you, ready to break through the barriers and seize the control, freedom, and potential your career has to offer.


Elevate your negotiation game with a step-by-step process designed to navigate emotions, secure optimal outcomes, and boost confidence, ideal for agents seeking mastery in competitive real estate negotiations.

Strategic Pricing Specialist

Strategic Pricing Specialist—an award-winning program—was created for real estate professionals who have realized that neither the way we were taught to price houses nor the automated programs prepare us for tough pricing conversations.

There goes the neighborhood

We hear the word “gentrification on the news all the time and rightly so…it’s a modern-day issue that affects housing, which in turn means it impacts you, the real estate professional.

Beyond the CMA

The pricing game has changed. Finding the right price demands more than a CMA – it requires a strategy.

"Beyond the CMA" is for real estate professionals who know traditional methods and automated programs fall short in tough pricing conversations.

CMA Confidence in an Uncertain World

Bridge the gap in real estate education by mastering the practical preparation and presentation of Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), empowering agents to price strategically and defend findings with confidence.

Unforgettable Client Service

Today's real estate clients expect top-tier service. How do you provide amazing service that is: 1) Easy for you to execute, 2) Delivered consistently, and 3) Unforgettable? The answer is with a system that works consistently.


This course demystifies the complaint process with the Association of REALTORS®, guiding you through steps, pros, and cons. Gain the skills to navigate ethical challenges with confidence and integrity, ensuring you uphold the highest standards in the industry.

ETHICS: Scruples and the Code of Ethics

This course provides an overview of the National Association of REALTOR® Code of Ethics as well as guidelines for solutions The benefit to you is a sense of confidence in doing the right thing.

Millennials Are Here: R U Ready?

Generational groups think differently, act differently, and want different things from their home-buying experience and their agents.

In this class, we examine the differences in generations their needs with a focus on both the Baby Boomer and Millennial.

How We've Helped Agents Like You


If you would like to enhance your skills in helping clients negotiate, then Winning at Win-Win is the course for you!

A. Norman

I took A Strategic Year and experienced a 54% growth in my business. Although these results were a product of understanding my business better, magnifying the areas where I’m best, and consistent implementation—the real reason for the change came from my brain. I simply look at it differently now.

R. Walker

The first thing I noticed after taking the course was how confident I felt talking to sellers about their house. Jo had prepared me with scripts to build my value as well as overcome objections. The seller sensed this confidence and hired me as their agent.

Leonna Weiss

Strategic Pricing Specialist is now a great component of my listing presentation. Working with sellers and helping them understand that pricing is not about what they saw on the Internet but rather a strategy to get the most money in their pocket has changed my business. Now I have the skills.

G. Smith